Oh! the stars one and all
They had a great ball
One night way up in the sky;
They invited the earth
To join in their mirth
But it feared to go up so high.

No fiddler had they
Their music to play,
And the stars were afraid ‘twould fail;
But the man in the moon
He whistled a tune
And the comet kept time with his tail.

They danced and they danced,
And they pranced and they pranced,
Till the moon said ’twas all he desired,
For his lips were so sore
He could whistle no more,
And the comet began to get tired.

So they faded away
In the dim light of day
The moon and the stars from the ball.
But, sad to relate,
Next night they were late,
And came near not shining at all.

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